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Hitachi Vantara Virtual Conference

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Unlock your DataOps advantage with Lumada and Pentaho

Solve your complex data management issues with fresh and practical insights from this no cost one-day virtual conference. 

One-Day. Online. Only DataOps.

Most data practitioners are challenged by complex data architectures and slow processes that never seem to get simpler.

Join us for the latest insights on how to unleash DataOps across your entire data lifecycle - onboarding and preparation, governance and agility, data fabric optimization, and analytics and machine learning. Discover new ways to maximize your data performance and ROI.

Through our customers - your peers - we've learned how to tackle some of the most difficult data management challenges today. And succeed! We thought you'd like to learn what we learned and get what you need from over 30 industry experts across four different tracks. 

Who Should Attend

Enterprise Architect

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

IT Director

Software Engineer

Chief Data Officer

Data Architect

Business Analyst

Hadoop Administrator

Why DataOps.NEXT for You?

We'll show you how to apply DataOps to real-world data environments like yours, with sessions covering:

Recent DataOps successes by your peers

Best practices for DataOps implementations 

How to build DataOps solutions in virtual labs

1:1 mentoring sessions with our experts

Event Tracks

The DataOps.NEXT online conference features four relevant tracks. 

1. Optimize Data Fabric

Explore the evolution of the centralized data lake into a more federated data fabric across cloud and on-premises environments.

2. Build and Manage Data Pipelines

Learn about the latest Pentaho Data Integration innovations to address key data preparation, orchestration, and monitoring challenges across your data pipelines.

3. Improve Data Governance and Agility

How should you balance data agility with regulatory compliance? We'll tackle this emerging challenge in this track.

4. Expand Analytics and Machine Learning

Almost 80% of AI and ML projects are stalling! Let's buck this trend with sessions focused on model implementation and operationalization.

How Can You Prepare?

Learn about Lumada

With Lumada Data Services, your data assets become more agile and visible to support your goals for business, compliance and cost.

Learn about Pentaho

Pentaho is one of the most popular data integration and analytics tools in the market today to unlock business outcomes.

Who Will You Hear From?

30+ DataOps Experts

Featured speakers

Pedro Alves

Head of Product Design

Hitachi Vantara

Dr. Jennifer Hall

Chief of Data Science

American Heart Association

Dave Farley

Thought-Leader and Book Author

Continuous Delivery

Matt Aslett

Research Vice President for Data, AI, and Analytics Channel

451 Research

Joshua Siegel

Global Co-Creation Lead

Hitachi Vantara

Bill Schmarzo

Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Solutions

Hitachi Vantara

DataOps Experts

Noah Schneider

Senior Consultant with the Advanced Services Group (ASG)

Hitachi Vantara

Jon Hanson

Master Consultant, Digital Insights Hitachi Vantara

Mike Williams

Analytics Solution Lead

Hitachi Vantara

Jason Tiret

Senior Product Manager, Data Flow Studio

Hitachi Vantara

Bruce Berry

Senior Training and Development Specialist,

Hitachi Vantara

Kim Næss

Lead Analytics Architect, EMEA

Hitachi Vantara

Katie Zimmerman

Consultant, Digital Insights

Hitachi Vantara

Fred Schults

Director of Product Management, AI/ML

Hitachi Vantara

Larry Bradley

Vice President,

Digital Insights

Hitachi Vantara

Nishant Kohli

Senior Director of Product Management, Lumada Portfolio Hitachi Vantara

Mark Kim


Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board

Shiva Mogili

Senior Product Manager, Lumada Edge Intelligence 

Hitachi Vantara

John Stegeman

Master Solutions Consultant,

Digital Solutions

Hitachi Vantara

Andrés Pérez

Enterprise Architect, Customer Success, EMEA

Hitachi Vantara

James O'Reilly

Pentaho Trainer

Hitachi Vantara

Glen Martin


Product Management Hitachi Vantara

Mike Wilkerson

Principal Architect

Hitachi Vantara

Craig J. Izydor

Innovation Solutions Director - Digital Insights 

Hitachi Vantara

Randy Duran

Sr. Manager

Customer Success Hitachi Vantara

Darryl Coulter

Senior Regional Counsel, Legal, EMEA

Hitachi Vantara

Nerea Palacio

EMEA Data Protection Officer, Senior Regional Counsel Hitachi Vantara

Andre Boaventura

Principal Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

Ken Steinberg

Senior Product Manager, Lumada Data Services

Hitachi Vantara

Fuji Foo

Chief Digital Officer

Certis Group

Duane Rocke

Principal Consultant, Digital Insights

Hitachi Vantara

Ben Clifford

Product Owner and Architect, Lumada Data Optimizer Hitachi Vantara

Scott Dabney

Enterprise Architect

Hitachi Vantara

Muthu Chinnasamy

Sr. Technical Director, Partners


Mark Burnette

Vice President, Digital Insights Solutions Hitachi Vantara

Madhup Mishra

Director of Product Marketing

Hitachi Vantara

Naveen DAS

Big Data Solutions Architect - AMER Hitachi Vantara

Ali Bajwa

Director, Partner Solution Engineering Cloudera

Tarik Dwiek

Director, Technology Alliances


Tanveer Rather

Director of Solutions Engineering - EMEA

Hitachi Vantara

Mark Jules

Vice President, Smart Spaces & Video Intelligence 

Hitachi Vantara

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